Posted by Chloe Watson 17 Jun 2014

World Cup Adverts

As World Cup fever hits and Brazil play host to the most anticipated sporting event this year, big brands have taken advantage by creating the most epic TV adverts we’ve ever seen.

Brands like McDonalds, Nike and Adidas, to name a few, have created mini-movie-like clips rather than your typical product promotional advert. As the matches are underway, we’ve taken a look back on some of our favourite adverts that have built a lot of hype leading up to the World Cup.


Nike : The Last Game

Nike has created animated versions of footballs biggest talents – including Ronaldo, Neymar, Rooney, Luiz and Iniesta.

The short movie like advert sees players undergo an exciting game played out throughout the streets of Brazil, teasing us to what’s to come whilst also giving us a glimpse at Brazilian culture. We are treat to sights of the Cristo Redentor statue before the ad takes us back to the wild and unpredictable nature of the game.

It shows players from different countries, uniting them in the lead up to the competition. Overall, this advert is full of the biggest football personalities, lots of colour and fun and has a very innovative storyline.


McDonalds : GOL!

Beyond the over the top ideas, celebrity figures, music and striking visuals is the real life advert produced by McDonalds. They have fully embraced the World Cup, by even implementing colourful Brazilian packaging on their products. Their advert however focuses on football over food as it displays ordinary looking people showing off their ready for Rio football skills on the streets of Brazil.

The advert starts with a young boy kicking a ball into a flat window, another hitting a tower bell and a woman doing some keepy-uppies in high heels. An old man steps out of his mobility scooter to do the same on a beach and a teenager shoots at a basket on a moving escalator. The advert plays on the innocent spirit of the game and has a lot of positivity because of that.


Adidas : House Match

The global brand again uses a recognisable football face – David Beckham - to give their advert credibility.

Chaos unfolds as David Beckham hosts an afternoon of video gaming with his famous pals. Having played the electronic version of football, he challenges Gareth Bale, Zinedine Zidane and Lucas Moura to a kick about inside Beckingham Palace (all wearing Adidas branded clothing of course). We wonder how Victoria felt about the mess that was left behind as the ball knocked over mirrors and smashed the trophy cabinet.

Yes, they may be professional footballers, but it showcases how the game brings people together, whether they’re playing or watching together.

This advert is sure to get the whole family glued to the TV screen. It’s fun, energetic and playful – Oh and did we mention Beckham?


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