Posted by Helen Grieves 22 Dec 2015

Why start a blog on your website?

why start a blog on your website SEO tips

It’s just one more thing to do, right? You don’t have time? I wouldn’t dismiss it too soon, as writing a regular blog (or news section) on your website can do wonders for your traffic. 

Devoting a small amount of time per week can be invaluable in terms of the plus points it can bring you when it comes to SEO, additional content to push on other channels and cementing yourself as a market leader. 

Using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), you can change what could be a standard article into a goldmine for keywords and potential shares. Put simply, if you’re writing about a particular topic and want Google to see you as the authority on it, some cleverly placed keywords can sail you right to the top of Google’s searches and boom – more traffic, more awareness, more sales.

Plus, writing regularly and creating fresh, exciting content and images can keep your customers coming back for more which may lead to future sales. You (or we, hint hint) can promote your new blog post on social media to drum up some more clicks and shares. It’s not enough to just be a one dimensional brand in today’s digital world, people want personality and opinion and a blog section is often the best way to convey what you do best.

And if you still don’t have time or aren’t sure what to write, give us a shout. We’ll be able to draft up as many posts as you need per week, so you know your traffic will be increasing in the background and you can keep your concentration where it needs to be.

Happy writing!