Posted by Hodda Khaliffa 15 Sep 2014

What is a SERP?

If you’re dipping into the world of SEO or even just want to know a little bit more for your own piece of mind, you will probably come across the word SERP somewhere along your travels.

SERP stands for Search Engine Ranking Position

What does this mean?

Ok so (just for an example) if you were looking to purchase a kettle, you might head over to Google and type in ‘kettle’. Google would then present you with page upon page of every article and website it could find with the work kettle in it.

Now, Google must put these pages in order and it does not do this randomly. Every website in the great World Wide Web will use some form of SEO. This will include choosing specific keywords and key terms that are relevant for the type of product or service that they are aiming to sell, and using these more so in their content.

If this has been done to a high standard and Google are happy with the validity of the website, the keywords that have been used and the quantity of content (among other things) it will place your website in the first few pages of Google for searches around those main keywords. The position that Google puts you into for a specific keyword of key phrase, is your SERP.

Now you must understand that gaining (and more importantly maintaining) a top position with Google is no easy task and often experts need to spend an awful lot of time and energy to maintain high ranking positions for large companies.

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