Posted by Danielle Dunn 22 Jul 2016

Welcome Couture Chairs

DDCA helped the founders of Couture Chairs start their new business venture on a piece of paper - after a wonderful 6 month journey of branding, marketing & PR planning they are set to hit the market with their luxurious brand.

Jo and Mark set up Couture Chairs as an outlet for their combined creativity.  Inspired by the Alexander McQueen exhibition at the V &A they wanted to start a Couture Upholstery brand which was highly bespoke, imaginative, innovative and fun.

Mark is a third generation upholsterer and fine furniture crafter and is highly skilled in carpentry and joinery.  With over 20 years experience in the furniture industry, he began helping his Dad as a teenager and now his teenage son helps him.  It’s true to say upholstery is in their blood.

Jo’s background is design.  After completing a graphic design and advertising degree she worked as an Art Director in a top advertising agency in London.  After the birth of her daughter she retrained in interior design and in the last 10 years she has run her own successful interior design company.

Mark and Jo both complement each other perfectly and between them have a vast range of skills.  They work together as a design team but also independently with Mark heading up the workshop team and Jo working with the client and suppliers.

Design is a passion they both share along with DDCA which enables them to be such an effective creative team.