Posted by Amy Thompson 22 Aug 2014

Unraveling your CPM from your BDM

Digital marketing and technology are evolving at a rapid pace, with new metrics, mediums and ways of using them being released continuously.

It makes for very busy work if you want to stay on top of them all, but add to that an abundance of 3-lettered jargons and it’s easy to lose your head.

Now, you can either make like an ostrich and bury your head in the sand, or, you can get acronym-savvy with our handy list of some of the most commonly used acronyms in digital marketing.

API: Application Programming Interface
AR: Augmented Reality
B2B: Business to Business
B2C: Business to Customer
BDM: Business Development Manager
BR: Bounce Rate
CMO: Chief Marketing Officer
CMS: Content Management System
COP: Close of Play
CPA: Cost Per Acquisition / Cost Per Action
CPC: Cost Per Click / Cost Per Call
CPL: Cost Per Lead
CPM: Cost Per Impression
CPS: Cost Per Action
CR: Conversion Rate
CRM: Customer Relationship Management
CRO: Conversion Rate Optimisation
CSS: Cascading Style Sheet
CSV: Comma Separated Values
CTA: Call to Action
CTR: Click Through Rate
CX: Customer Experience
DM: Direct Message / Direct Marketing
DR: Direct Response
ESP: Email Service Provider
FB: Facebook
FBML: Facebook Markup Language
FF: Follow Friday
FTP: File Transfer Protocol
GA: Google Analytics
HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language
HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
HTTPS: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure
IM: Instant Message
IP: Intellectual Property / Internet Protocol (address)
IPO: Intellectual Property Owners / Initial Public Offering
ISP: Internet Service Provider
KPI: Key Performance Indicator
LTV: Lifetime Value
MLM: Multi Level Marketing
MoM: Month Over Month
MPU: Mid Page Unit
MTD: Month to Date
MVT: Multivariate testing
OR: Open Rate
OS: Operating System
PESTEL: Political, Environmental, Social, Technological, Economical, Legal
POS: Point of Sale
PPC: Pay Per Click
PR: Public Relations / Press Release / Page Rank
PV: Page Views
QR Code: Quick Response Code
QS: Quality Score
ROI: Return on Investment / Return on Involvement
ROR: Return on Relationship
ROS: Run of Site
RSS: Rich Site Summary
RT: Retweet
RTD: Real Time Data
S2S: Server to Server
SaaS: Software as a Service
SEM: Search Engine Marketing
SEO: Search Engine Optimisation
SERP: Search Engine Ranking Position
SLA: Service Level Agreement
SMB: Small to Medium Business
SME: Small to Medium Enterprise
SMM: Social Media Marketing / Social Media Management
SMO: Social Media Optimisation
SMP: Social Media Platform
SWOT: Strengths, Weaknesses Opportunities, Threats
TLD: Top Level Domain
TOS: Terms of Service
UGC: User Generated Content
UI: User Interface
UGC: User Generated Content
URL: Uniform Resource Locator
USP: Unique Selling Point
UV: Unique Visitor
UX: User Experience
VM: Viral Marketing
VOD: Video on Demand
WOM: Word of Mouth
WYSIWYG: What You See Is What You Get
YOY: Year Over Year
YTD: Year to Date