Posted by Chloe Watson 26 May 2014

Twitters New Update

Social media site updates layout

Updated your Twitter profile yet? If not, you should, we have!

In April, the social media site introduced its new profile look to its 241 million monthly active users. 

Not updated yet? Head over and log in to your Twitter profile. You’ll see a message letting you know about the new look; this gives you the option of previewing what it will look like. So, what’s new?

Visible through your web browser only, the profile images have been enlarged to 400px x 400px and the header images have supersized too. The new Twitter look is very similar to Facebook’s layout with the header image filling the top half of the screen and an overlapping profile image.

Though, that’s not the only similarity to Facebook. You can now ‘pin’ tweets to the top of your profile, which is really useful if you’ve got a special offer running or you want users to find out more about your business rather than just see the last interaction tweets you’ve sent.

Your tweets can now also be filtered, a feature that you can use on other users’ profiles. It means that you can choose how to view profiles from the following options: tweets, tweets with photos/videos, or tweets and replies.

Twitter now also highlights your tweets, meaning the more popular your tweet; the bigger it will appear on your newsfeed. In turn, this will hopefully help to increase engagement and make your best tweets easier to find.

‘Who to Follow’ and ‘Trends’ have moved to the right, leaving more space for tweets themselves in the centre of the page. The Follower & Following lists look much better than before and now have a Pinterest-like look, making them easier to scroll through.

The news feed remains unchanged but chances are, this will be updated soon too. So if social media is important to you and you’re keen to stay ahead of the game, update your profile today.