Posted by Helen Grieves 18 Sep 2015

The new Snapchat update is amazing

We love Snapchat here at DDCA. It’s such a fun, disposable way of keeping everyone up to date with your comings and goings that it’s become an irresistible part of daily life for most of us in the office.

You can imagine how happy we were to see that not only has a fresh updated been rolled out across both iOS and Android this week, but that it’s introduced a ton of new features to make the whole experience even more delightfully strange than ever before.

The most headline grabbing new feature is clearly going to be the animated lenses. Seemingly grabbed as part of Snapchat’s buyout of photo app Looksery, the Lenses transform and contort your face in all manner of adorable/disturbing/awesome ways, and can be used for still images or videos. Just tap your face when using the front facing camera, scroll through the options and prepare yourself for the insanity that follows. The lens that lets you vomit and endless stream of rainbows is our current favourite.

The lenses are great fun, especially if you’re watching somebody use them for the first time, but they’re not the only new feature the little ghost has been keeping up its floaty sleeve.

There’s also a trophy cabinet to incentivise experimentation, with new trophies unlocking only after certain tasks have been completed, and, perhaps slightly worryingly, a new in-app purchases system.

The purchases are pretty tame at the moment; giving snappers the chance to buy extra replays for cold, hard cash (three replays for $.099, ten for $2.99 and 20 for $4.99). So far, so niche (there can’t be that many videos you need to watch over again on Snapchat) but could it be that we’re soon encouraged to pay for new lenses?

Only time will tell, but for now we’re happy just using the lenses to make ourselves look ridiculous.