Posted by Mark Grainger 25 Feb 2015

The top five marketing trends that will rule in 2015

Everybody knows that the world of marketing is an exceptionally fast-paced one. Just as soon as you’ve gotten your head around one set of rules and procedures something will come along to stir things up and before you know it you’ve slipped behind the curve.

Fear not though, as we’ve put together a brief list of some of this year’s most likely digital and social marketing trends to help you keep ahead. Don’t thank us; it’s all part of the service.

Right, then, shall we begin? 

Video will continue to grow

Think of online video and there’s a good chance your mind will immediately travel to YouTube. YouTube has been the go-to channel for video content for so long now that it’s almost impossible to think of any other platforms muscling in on its patch. Best start believing though, as last year Facebook announced that Facebook video had recorded more views than the video giant.

Auto-play probably played a part of course, but the fact remains that videos are getting viewed on the social network. The power of Twitter’s embeddable Vine snippets shouldn’t be overlooked either. 

Diversity will feed creativity

Speaking of Vine and branching out in general, diversity is likely to play a big part in any marketing plan for 2015. The way the generations, and therefore target audiences, use social media channels is changing and adapting all the time. It sounds scary, but in reality it means that there are now more chances than ever to be creative in how you engage.

Snapchat is a prime example of previously untapped potential finally being recognised, as more and more big brands are using it to send short, snappy messages to it’s massive, young, user-base. Obviously you shouldn’t immediately jump onto every new social media platform that springs up but you should be stepping out of the Facebook/Twitter/Instagram comfort zone to see what you can do differently elsewhere.

Thinking mobile will be the key for engagement

Remember when you had to wait for your desktop PC to boot up before you could check your emails and log in to your social accounts? When mobiles were just phones with a calculator and a copy of Snake built in? Well sorry to make you feel old but a lot today’s Millenials don’t. Phone usage is on the up and if you want to get spotted and get people engaging with your brand and content then you need to be thinking mobile.

You could have the best website and content in the world but if it’s unreadable on a phone screen then you’ll be turning away huge chunks of audience and that’s why you need responsive design, or at least alternate versions of your site, for phone and tablet users. People are moving away from desktop browsing and you need to move with them to avoid being left behind. 

Agile marketing will keep brands on top
Some of the most shared posts on social media over the past few years have been as a result of quick thinking agile marketing.

What do we mean by agile marketing? Well, we’re talking about brands harnessing news stories to their advantage, creating amazing and sharable one-shot content and even sharing in a spot of interaction with rivals and contemporaries. It’s true that this can lead to some fairly excruciating congratulatory corporate banter some times but the when it works it can be something great and that’s why it’s always worth thinking about how you can make the news work for you.

Content’s reign will go on

It’s long been said that content is King and if we’re honest it looks about as likely to lose that title in the near future as Prince Charles is to gain it so you need to be sure that your content plan is up to scratch.

It’s can be a tall order to be witty, informative, natural and engaging all at once but remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution, and just because a certain tone and style works for one client or brand doesn’t mean that it will for another. What you can do however is look at how content can be repurposed in different ways, with infographics, social content and videos all a possibility when looking to reuse content.  Don’t forget to look to your followers too, as the real people on your Facebook and Twitter can often provide a wealth of great, honest and sharable content.