Posted by Helen Grieves 04 Aug 2015

Harnessing the power of bloggers

harness power of bloggers

Bloggers have become invaluable in the marketing and PR world for everything from SEO to brand awareness and endorsement. Those who are successful have turned what was previously thought of as a hobby into a lucrative career, which brands can access to change a business into a booming success.

As the online world changes on a daily basis, the use of more traditional advertising and promotion has been pushed back in favour of utilising the market that bloggers are able to tap into.

Not only are brands getting copy which they can promote, they’re also able to use that content on social media and through email marketing. As long as the relationship between blogger and brand is mutually beneficial, it can strengthen a brand image and give potential customers more of an insight into what’s being sold.

As for the actual content, bloggers often produce wonderfully written pieces which are well executed and photographed. This also produces links to a brand’s website, which is beneficial in terms of SEO backlines and can look natural within the article.

With some online influencers having a larger social reach than those previously trusted for information (such as magazines or other websites), it’s more cost effective and beneficial for brands to reach out to bloggers for promotion.

Looking at some fashion bloggers, for example, the likes of Aimee Song from the personal style and travel blog Song of Style has over one million Instagram followers alone. As some of these big-time bloggers have become stars in their own right, people want to know what they’re doing, wearing and the places they’re visiting as they create a seemingly accessible look into their lives through the lens of their social media and online platforms.

If you also compare the price of traditional media promotion to collaborating with bloggers the difference is huge. If you look once at the potential reputation gain and content produced from social influences, it’s a priceless investment to cement your brand or product as one everyone needs.

With the decrease in trust in traditional print media and scepticism around the influence advertising has on what’s featured in magazines, the consumer is looking to blogs for an impartial view on matters more frequently. Blogs still have to declare payment for posts or review material provided, but the appeal of having a ‘real’ person give their opinion instead of a faceless journalist should never be underestimated.