Posted by Danielle Dunn 02 Apr 2013

Shopping in a 4G World

In as little as ten years, we’ve seen mobile Internet rise from the days of archaic GSM and GPRS to the newfound, dizzying heights of 4G.

Reflecting on a time when sending a text-based email was a labour of love, users are now able to interact across social media, share videos and even participate in video calls with little to no frustration whatsoever.

British network provider EE were the first to deliver the new speeds to the British consumer with enticing tariffs and deals to boot.

Of course with these increased speeds come new possibilities in the way that brands can utilise the mobile marketplace. M-Commerce is an accelerating business propelled by exciting advances in technology. Ever increasing intuitiveness, simplified platforms and safer browsing all make for prime shopping time for smartphone owners.

As 4G bandwidths become more and more accessible it is estimated that the retail sector could see a boost of as much as £1.8bn thanks to users logging on and checking out.

Studies suggest that a third of us already use our phones to shop – be it price-checking, purchasing, or placing orders. Do you find mobile shopping convenient or just a downright fiddle-on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.