Posted by Helen Grieves 21 Sep 2015

Why Periscope was THE top trend at London Fashion Week

As London Fashion Week draws to an end, a trend almost as interesting as anything the major fashion houses have displayed on the catwalk has emerged. Fashion Week has gone social.

Some of the biggest brands taking part in this year’s event are bringing their followers at home even closer to the action thanks to Periscope, the live streaming app owned by Twitter.

Events like London Fashion Week are understandably meticulously choreographed and presented to the very highest standards, protecting the image and style of the brands involved and adding to the ineffable nature of the industry. There has been a shift recently though, with fashion houses and designers increasingly taking to social media to build more direct and honest engagement with followers.

Global brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Vera Wang, Carolina Herrera and Ralph Lauren are all using Periscope as a way of showing their own unfiltered experiences of fashion week, taking fans and buyers behind the scenes to show the raw reality of what goes on behind the runway.

It’s a fantastic way to broaden the appeal of both the brand and the event in one fell swoop, showing the best of the industry’s creative work whilst demystifying what can be seen as an insular establishment.

Periscope has been live for six months now, making this the first LFW that it has been available to use. It did prove a hit at New York Fashion week though, which goes some way to explain why brands such as Hunter Original have put it front and centre of their social strategy.

What the brands need to ensure however is that they keep up their live-streaming presence outside of big events to continue to strengthen the bond and engagement that they’ve built.

Only making a noise at big events a few times a year on any social media channel will see interest start to wane eventually. A constantly growing schedule of content is the key to building on a successful strategy and ensuring that yours is the brand to follow, whether that’s on periscope, Instagram or any of social media platforms you choose to embrace.