Posted by Jade Craggs 12 Jan 2016

Is Making a Murderer the Perfect Marketing Combination?

Now, the Netflix series Making a Murderer may not seem like the most likely way to demonstrate a marketing lesson, but trust us when we say it's been executed perfectly.

The crime documentary which has had the world hooked has been such a fantastic triumph for both Netflix and film-makers Moira Demon and Laura Ricciardi. Following one of the most prolific cases ever to come before court in Wisconsin, the pair filmed over a ten year period to create a gripping story which has captured everyone who's watched it.

It's taken off both in views and on social media, with everyone asking 'do you think he was guilty?' and urging other users to watch. With hundreds of thousands of posts, tweets and updates #MakingAMurderer has been a fantastic example of viral promotion done correctly.

Why has it worked so well? The topic itself is compelling, interesting and thought-provoking. It's encouraged people to sit up, take note and join in the discussion on social media and in person. As with all of the best online marketing strategies, using fantastic headlines and utilising the binge-watching nature of those who watch Netflix, it's gripped everyone who's watched it.

The human element, through interviews and personal encounters, draws viewers in more and makes them feel like they're part of everything. This is the same with any successful marketing campaign, once you create a situation where consumers feel involved, it always ups the communication between them and the brand.

So, to break it down:
Gripping content
Catchy advertising and taglines
Social discussion
Personal, relatable element
= viral sharing and marketing success