Posted by Simon Havenhand 17 Apr 2013

Introducing 2.5D Technology

Somewhere between 2D and 3D lies 2.5D, the future of technology

When Apple launched it’s revolutionary iPhone way back in 2007, it introduced the world to a whole new interface of tapping, dragging and pinching. This has been hugely successful for it’s intuitiveness and has somewhat set the standard for touchscreen technology.

Having lent itself to the iPad too, users have found this interface to become second nature in much the same way as the QWERTY keyboard. However, designers at MIT’s Media Lab are taking this to the next level with the introduction of what they call a 2.5D display.

Somewhere between 2D and 3D, the technology introduces a flexible screen to the equation. Named Obake after a shape-shifting spirit of Japanese mythology, it’s made up of a flexible rubber sheet that can be pinched, poked and stretched. Obake can also sense friction caused by dragging and swiping.

This exciting advance in screen technology hopes to bridge the gap between today’s displays and truly 3D images that you can not only touch, but also interact with.

Aside from mobile phones, where else would you like to see this technology used? I imagine it would be great for gaming! I could even imagine a Smart TV with built-in Obake. Watch the video for yourself and Tweet us @DanielleDunn_CA with your thoughts!