Posted by Simon Havenhand 03 Apr 2013

How Social Are You?

Can using your smart phone to interact actually make you more efficient and more sociable?

It seems as though we could all do with giving Evolv a cyber high-five after the company unwittingly revealed statistics that reveal that employees who engage in social media are generally more productive.

The start up, which monitors hundreds of metrics from Fortune 500 companies, found that employees that regularly use up to four social networks made more sales or handled more calls than those who did not.

You could argue that the usage of many social networks simply reflects a sociable personality, which in turn makes you a better people person. Indicative of this, you’re likely to handle customers better and make sales more efficiently. It could also be suggested that the use of multiple networks influences computer literacy skills – this could in turn speed up productivity through better computer handling.

Whichever the reasoning behind it, we’re happy to hear social media getting a good rep in the office environment. Now just the task of convincing the boss…

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