Posted by Simon Havenhand 24 Jan 2014

Happy Birthday Mac

Video: Thirty Years Of Innovation


Today marks the 30th anniversary of the game-changing Apple Macintosh, which launched in 1984 into a competitive market of systems such as Iomega, Amstrad and Commodores.

Outlasting (and largely outshining) its competitors, Apple has blossomed into the global giant that we know and love today.

Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing at Apple, Philip Schiller reportedly told Macworld:

“Every company that made computers when we started the Mac, they’re all gone; we’re the only one left. We’re still doing it, and growing faster than the rest of the PC industry because of that willingness to reinvent ourselves over and over.”

A prototype of an original Mac recently created a buzz on eBay with bids reaching as much as $100,000 – but what is it about Mac that has got us all in a flutter?

Early Apple Mac


In the early days, Apple introduced the first consumer personal computer to feature a graphical user interface – suddenly you didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand it.

In 1989, we saw the first battery operated Mac, meaning we could take our work with us. Already Apple were revolutionising the way in which we used computers.

In 1998, Apple took the bold step of doing away with floppy disk drives in favour of USB ports. The iMac debuted in 1998 and promoted a new era of connectivity.

From here on in, Steve Jobs continued to wow audiences with the development of both the iMac and MacBook formats. They became leaner and more technologically advanced to include features such as the iSight camera and Firewire connectivity (later to be reincarnated as “Thunderbolt”)

Apple has continued to astound critics - not only with their desktop/laptop products, but also their handheld devices too.

At present there is an impressive array of portable technology available from Apple from the teeny-tiny iPod Shuffle to the iPad Air.

This leads me nicely onto why I love Apple:

Products work (on the whole) seamlessly with one another, juggling data between devices via iCloud and ensuring that day-to-day information is readily available at your fingertips.

Apple iOS 7


Although the new operating system was met with some hostility, it continues to be almost instinctive in its ease-of-use – a point proved by the number of old folk who now sport devices.

In addition to this, the App Store continues to take dominance over our lives with literally an app for everything. Whether it’s a better way to wake up, a journal to log your work out or simply a torch to see under the stairs – the App Store has the answer.

Since I discovered Apple properly in 2008, I have been a self-confessed addict. I, like my colleagues, find myself poring over the newest release each and every time. Although there is an element of initial reluctance, I do get sucked in. Hell, if they bottled that new Apple smell – I’d probably buy it!

Is that the secret behind the success of Apple? Is creating a brand that effortlessly engages the market, and time and time again delivers way in excess of expectations, the sorcery behind Apple’s spell? Are we in the grips of an Apple revolution?

Happy birthday Mac - Here’s to many more.


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