Posted by Aimee Clifton 20 Aug 2014

Greggs – still producing the best pasties you will ever taste!

A Google fail, or a hell of a good PR campaign?

It’s practically national news now, that the northern-rooted bakery we all know and love for its amazingly talented culinary skills, faced a PR dilemma yesterday when an offensive version of its logo appeared on Google’s search results page.

The logo read: ‘Greggs - providing sh*t to scum for over 70 years’.

If the spoof image was a deliberate attack, I absolutely loved the way that Greggs’ PR team handled the situation, by tweeting to Google to fix the issue in return for a batch of Greggs donuts.

Google tweeted back ‘Sorry Greggs, we’re on it, throw in a sausage roll and we’ll get it done ASAP #FixGreggs’ - definitely an applaudable exchange of some quality banter between the two.

But was this simply a Google fail, or a hell of a good PR campaign?

When I see headlines reading ‘Greggs left red-faced’ and ‘Greggs in social media nightmare’, I have to disagree.

Although the spoof logo appeared to be a crisis for the bakery giants, the power of PR shouldn’t be underestimated – I think there’s a good chance this could have all been a publicity stunt, and a very clever one at that.

Not only have Greggs managed to become a hot topic on a national scale, but they have also managed to recruit the backing and support of the majority of social media users, who were quick to jump to the bakery’s defence once the logo went viral. Not bad for a ‘crisis’ if you ask me!

So whether this was a clever attempt at an epic PR stunt, or merely a ‘half-baked’ attempt at sabotaging my favorite northern pasty-providers, I think there’s definitely more going on than meets the ‘pie’…

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