Posted by Aimee Clifton 02 Apr 2014

Google's Technology Revolution

Can Google Glass start a revolution with designer collaborations?

Google Glass is probably the most innovative creation the technology world has seen to date. However, with only a few thousand people owning the product in the US, and the UK yet to see a release date, it seems Google is forced to explore other options to keep its head above water.

It has recently emerged that Google is pairing up with glasses maker Luxottica, and designers Ray Ban and Oakley to transition Glass to the next level and successfully guide the product to market.

With hopes of developing elegant and sophisticated products that straddle the line between high fashion, lifestyle and innovative technology, could this collaboration see Glass creating the revolutionist impact Google were hoping for?

It’s no secret that there’s a mass of skepticism surrounding the product, not to mention the legal issues attached to it. Glass was banned in certain public places before it was even launched, as it was claimed it blurs the lines of privacy and acceptable technology use.

Will this combination of designer fashion, and innovative technology put to bed the ever-growing skepticism of Glass, and exert the necessary sophisticated image to facilitate market dominance? Will society be more susceptible to its alleged privacy infringements if there’s a designer label attached?

The device, which has been hailed as the future of wearable technology, uses voice control to allow the wearer to access a range of functions. It features a built in camera, which can record images and video of the surroundings that can also be displayed in front of the user’s eye. And its features don’t stop there. The display can also show maps, provide directions, show messages from other users and even search the Internet for information.

While the product doesn’t currently seem to be getting the reception it had hoped for, can Google’s partnership with prestigious designers reconcile consumer confidence, and prove be a crucial lifeline in getting Glass to the consumer market? Watch this space…