Posted by Helen Grieves 12 Jan 2016

Four Out Of Date PR Practices


PR is an industry that's constantly moving and developing. Formerly something only found in person and in print, the digital PR world has taken over in the past few years with different platforms being used to convery a brands story.

So, in today's post we're talking about the four PR practices that need to be left in the past.

Immediate Release

A practice budding PRs are taught from the beginning, but in this digital age we assume we can publish something ASAP. Everything moves so quickly online, so it's best to get information out as soon as possible, making the 'immediate release' pretty redundant.


Similarly to the above, if you're sending your release out to the media they usally assume they can publish it straight away. It used to be a great way to give exclusive content to certain media outlets, but with everything being so fast paced online, it's made the move a bit redundant.


Now, we don't mean this in a social media sense which can often be useful but in the more traditional sense. In the same way as writing ENDS at the end of a press release, ### is also used to indicate the article has come to a close. Instead, focus more on creating a compelling paragraph at the end to cement your ideas.

Dateline Details

We're far from the days where press releases would be filed away for later publication. We can find any press releases thanks to Google and website archives these days, so remember that when you're writing your articles now!