Posted by Helen Grieves 04 Jan 2016

Five Video Marketing Trends for 2016

With the rise of consumers wanting something a bit more than your standard advertisement, video lead and more visual content has took off over the past year and we don’t think it’ll slow down any time soon. So, here’s our breakdown of what we think will be the most popular campaign trends of 2016.

Branded Video Content

From interviews to behind-the-scenes footage, video content is paving the way to success. Utilising the likes of YouTube stars and collaborating with those who are already big in video, we expect brands will take advance of the four billion views per day platform in a big way.

Product Videos

Isn’t it handy when you can see a product actually on someone when you’re shopping? ASOS, Illamasqua and many other commercial brands are doing just that with great success recently and we think more should follow in their footsteps. From helpful customer service videos guiding you through the buying process or ones explaining particular features could be invaluable for brands. 

GIFs on Social Media

Who doesn’t love a cat GIF? No one, that’s who. They seem to be everywhere these days and these bite-sized animations aren’t going anywhere any time soon. Similarly with Vine, the trend for expressing your emotions and creating a personal element to your brand is the way forward.

Snapchat and Periscope

Periscope massively increased in popularity last year and, through the medium of real-time videos and live-streams, it combined video and social media perfectly. Using the likes of Periscope or Snapchat, they make the perfect platform for sneak-peeks, celebrity presentations, live Q&A’s and so much more.

Videos in Emails

Typical email marketing can often come across as a bit stale, but those who are more visual are succeeding and drawing in more clicks. The next level of this is, of course, going to be including more video or links to it so it doesn’t slow you down to load it. Could this be the revitalisation of email marketing?