Posted by Aimee Clifton 31 Jul 2014

Facebook’s Video Ads

Could this be the next step for digital marketers?

The new feature comes as part of an increased effort to grow the success of the platform, while enabling marketers to offer a more optimised and appealing form of advertising to their audiences.

The technology allows marketers and PR pro’s to more creatively fulfill the integral parts of a successful and compelling campaign, and to engage with their audience and create a greater impact to their perceptions.

Video content has such a high organic reach on the site- even greater than other high-engaging content such as pictures. Combining this with the new auto play facility makes the Internet giant a definite contender for the most successful strategic marketing platform out there.

But with this shift in content consumption, markers must adapt to the new culture, and change their tactical approach to create specifically targeted material that complies with the users modern expectations. It must be able to start telling a story from the word go. Recipients must be engaged from the very first second, and remain engaged throughout- this has never been so important.

Ultimately the whole point in using Facebook as an advertising platform is to take advantage of its huge user base, and the speed and frequency in which those users share content.

Content must incorporate compelling visuals and emotionally engaging material in order to first capture the users attention, and then influence whether or not they want to share it. After all, the goal here is to persuade users to share the video, otherwise the ROI simply wouldn’t warrant the expenditure on this method of advertising.

Brands need to build personal connections with their audiences, and incorporate human appeal. They need to connect with them on a deeper level than just forcing their brand- a personable, relatable and current message creates a connection with the user, therefore encouraging them to want to share the content, without them being necessarily conscious of the brand itself.

So could Facebook’s auto play ad’s be the next step in digital marketing?

We certainly think so.