Posted by Jade Craggs 18 Feb 2015

Four of the best: Social PR and marketing campaigns of 2014

We are now nearly three months into 2015 and 2014 already seems like a very distant memory. 2014 was a watershed year for PR and marketing though, with social media at the forefront of everyday life and Facebook and Twitter increasingly becoming platforms for promoting PR and marketing stunts and campaigns. With that in mind, here is a countdown of what we think were the top four social campaigns of 2014:

4 – Share A Coke

Running for its second year, the masterful ‘Share a Coke’ campaign received worldwide coverage by replacing the iconic Coca-Cola logo with 250 of the most popular first names. The world became instantly hyped at the thought of purchasing a bottle that was personal to them, and the campaign was labelled one of the broadest communication campaigns ever to be launched. It’s not difficult to see why.

3 – Monty The Penguin

In November we saw one of British television’s newest and cutest characters, Monty the penguin, take to our screens in John Lewis’ brilliant Christmas advert. The £7m ad really pulled at the heartstrings of audiences throughout the UK, making it one of the most popular and memorable Christmas adverts to date. Needless to say social media went crazy for it and this ingenious mixed campaign quickly went viral. Monty himself even popped up on Twitter and became a national phenomenon overnight; with stores struggling to meet the demand for the £95 Monty the penguin stuffed toys.   

2 – No Makeup Selfie

The ‘no makeup selfie’ campaign in support of Cancer Research UK saw thousands of women nominating one another for the challenge to go barefaced for the camera and their social media followers. Within a matter of days the campaign went viral and generated a £2m windfall for Cancer Research UK.  Celebrity figures such as Holly Willoughby, Kym Marsh and Luisa Zissman also hopped on the bandwagon and made their contribution. An excellent campaign for a brilliant cause.   

1 – ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

And finally, our number one campaign of 2014, the ALS ice bucket challenge. This revolutionary campaign will go down in history as one of the most memorable and groundbreaking social campaigns to date. The challenge itself involved the participant tipping a bucket of iced cold water onto their head within 24 hours of being nominated. As if that wasn’t enough they had to video their experience, upload it to social media and then nominate a friend before donating to the cause.

The challenge was established as a way to heighten awareness of ‘amyotrophic lateral sclerosis’ (commonly known as motor neurones disease), and also to encourage donations to aid research into the disease. The ice bucket challenge exploded onto social media worldwide in July 2014 and went viral within 24 hours, making it one of 2014’s biggest talking points. A glut of celebrities and famous figures including Justin Biebe, Benedict Cumberbatch and David Beckham even took the opportunity to get involved, and by August 2014 the ALS association announced that donations had reached an astonishing $100m.

So there you have it, DDCA’s top four PR and marketing campaigns of 2014. We can’t wait to see what we’ll be writing about this time next year!