Posted by Danielle Dunn 06 Mar 2015

DDCA does Facebook

Last week Hodda and I had the amazing privilege to take a tour of Facebook’s London offices. Needless to say we didn’t just like it; we liked it a lot.

The visit took place the day after we had been marvelling at the latest developments in software at the Technology for Marketing and Advertising expo and, as exciting as the TFM&A was, Facebook was simply amazing! 

Thanks to our friends at the Entrepreneur’s Forum, we were there for a master class from the Facebook team in how best to use the social media giant for business growth and promotion; getting the most out of pages and Facebook advertising, that sort of thing.

Needless to say the team members leading the tour were exactly as enthusiastic and engaging as you’d expect from Facebook employees and we both learned a good amount about the untapped potential of the platform.

What really impressed though, were the office atmosphere and the general company culture; after all, there can’t be many workplaces with pool and foosball tables, a technology vending machine for when you need a new keyboard quickly or a range of sleep pods for when the late working nights start to take their toll. 

By ensuring that the team has access to everything they could ever want, including a complimentary sweet shop, Facebook have pulled off the uncanny trick of making a workspace that people simply don’t want to leave at the end of the day.

As for the company culture? Well, it turns out that almost everybody at Facebook is equal, no matter how many friends they may have. Promotions are more a case of lateral progression, with those who want to become team leaders taking on the responsibility for no other reason than because they want to.

It’s a fascinating structure, one that seems very far removed from how an agency traditionally operates, and it certainly gave us a lot to think about on the train back to Newcastle. 

Mostly though it left me thinking; ‘I wonder if we can get a tour of Twitter next?'

You can see some of our snaps from the day over on, you guessed it, Facebook!