Posted by Edward DDCA 08 Dec 2014

CoderDojo Northeast

With many people being pushed for time at Christmas I was expecting a low attendance at CoderDojo this weekend and a relatively low-key event. It was great to see this was not the case and the dojo was at near full capacity. It was also as lively as it had ever been with the group eagerly setting up to start working on JavaScript, Scratch and App inventor.

While setting up, a young enthusiastic coder asked me a few questions about JavaScript which were best explained in code. The explanation soon evolved into a small program which they were able to understand and develop further. Before long, the young coder had created a program that accepts a user’s name, age and gives a response accordingly and sometimes harshly ‘WOW, YOU ARE OLD’.

Because the coders can follow worksheets or dive straight into an unplanned task, CoderDojo is accessible for all skill levels. I have found that even when following the worksheets, many prefer to ultimately break free of the set exercises and build on what they have done with their own ideas. This makes for a fun, social and awesome learning experience.