Posted by Edward DDCA 21 Nov 2014

CoderDojo Northeast

Since volunteering at CoderDojo I have been amazed at the great atmosphere at the events and the enthusiasm generated by all involved. This weekend was no exception with a full dojo of young people learning how to code.

Considering that the fundamental concepts of coding can be tedious and complicated to learn, it was amazing to see how quickly the young coders were able to not only grasp programming constructs but also able to effortlessly apply them.

This is partly made possible by applications such as Scratch and App Inventor, which make building a program a visual and interactive experience. Without realising, many of the coders were using pseudocode while describing their projects and what they wanted to achieve.

There seems to be a genuine want to learn code and how programs work, CoderDojo provides an environment where likeminded youngsters can get together and learn at their own pace.

CoderDojo Northeast runs fortnightly at the Baltic and Centre for Life Newcastle. Further information about CoderDojo Northeast and the events can be found by visiting