Posted by Ricky Graham 24 Dec 2013

Christmas Starts With The Ads

christmas lights

The time of year has come about again where we think about the end of the year and how it was for us all. Many of us think about our family, friends and the events that have we have been part of.

Tales of what made us laugh, what made us cry and what fired us up enough to yell at our iPads while in the comfort of our homes.

At DDCA we, like many around us in our industry highlight the great marketing campaigns of the year and the great impact that they have had. Over the next couple of weeks we will see most blogs covering these highlights and many a Top 10 list shall pop up in our news feeds. In fact a quick google search returns many stories about these from that last couple of months. The lead in has been as long as supermarkets have been selling decorations.

Generally though it’s always the brown fizzy drink commercial that is the real balance and power over christmas marketing. After all. Who doesn’t measure the start of Christmas based on when they first see the advert with the big red truck? Go on, own up.

Real marketing power at this time of year is about longevity and tradition. We feel comforted by the imagery that has taken its time to become part of our collective psyche.

The big question to be asked is how do we build this longevity with much of the portable media that many people have in their hands. In a time where apps and social platforms can disappear as quickly as they rise. Are the traditional methods still the best ways to touch people and send a message at this time of year? This year we have seen many retailers step up and offer great TV and even extend that screen time to almost documentary proportions.

Maybe some things just don’t change. Is that so bad? What are your thoughts?