Posted by Chloe Watson 04 Jun 2014

Blogger Outreach


In recent years, there has been a massive influx of brands looking for innovative ways to operate. The advances in digital technology that we have experienced have introduced us to a new digital marketing and PR tactic – ‘Blogger Outreach’. This strategy now allows communication on a global level like never before.

Bloggers are arguably becoming more influential than PR’s, journalists and even celebrities because of their networks of loyal followings. Bloggers are becoming publishers of their own content, effectively creating their own media properties.

Working with such talented publishers, who generate easily shareable content, will gently reinforce a brand's key messages and identity - whilst helping with SEO to make sure the brand is visible online.

At DDCA, we are proud to be able to offer a blogger outreach program whereby our dedicated team nurture relationships between brands and independently published influencers.

DDCA specialise in - but are not limited to - fashion, beauty, food, lifestyle and travel content channels. Understanding the importance of having two sided relationships and recognising advocacy, we can help our clients identify and reach social influencers and content creators suited to their brand and already engaged with their target audience.

To find out more about our blogger outreach programme, visit our services page or get in touch.