Posted by Simon Havenhand 09 Aug 2013

“You Can’t Read an iPad in the Bath”

A long soak with a book or a quick flick on the iPad?

The introduction of the tablet device to the digital market has certainly forced the marketer, and indeed the consumer, to adapt the way in which media is consumed.

Tablets have opened up a whole new level of user interaction and real-time features that the printed glossy simply cannot offer. However, Grazia editor-in-chief Jane Bruton would argue that there’ll always be a place for printed media in a world where “you can’t read the iPad in the bath”.

As publishers scramble to introduce digital versions of popular newspapers, magazines and books, Bruton adds, “(with regards to tablet devices) You can’t get that tactile feel and pictures are still not the same on the screen…we add spirit, tone and personality to reflect who our reader is and what she wants”.

In March, the Telegraph announced plans to put up a metered paywall to it’s digital content, helping to pave the way for other publications to monetise on tablet editions. With regards to glossy magazines such as GQ and Vogue, these too are subscription-based but offer incentives by way of exclusive content and tablet-specific price packages.

Brands recognise a future that is becoming more and more digitalised and are steadily investing larger sums in boosting online traffic and engaging their consumer. With marketers and advertisers on board, do publishers have much choice in where they place their priorities?

Indeed, so long as the tablet device is neither waterproof nor sand-proof, I envisage many more holidays with the latest paperback. Somehow sun cream and touch screens don’t marry well.