Posted by Hodda Khaliffa 24 May 2013


Would you set up a social network page for your pet?

Social Media platforms are loved the world over. They have revolutionised marketing, brought Customer service to a new level of intimacy, raised awareness to serious issues, allowed us to share our most intimate thoughts and brought people together in ways that were inconceivable just 20 years ago. However, are we taking SM to the extreme?

The new craze is the Petwork society. In particular, new animals only YummyPets, a French created social site which allows man’s best friend to have their own individual profiles including photos, videos, statuses and even vet reminders. The site is designed for pet lovers around the world to interact, share notes and appreciate their fellow furry friends.

“When we developed the YummyPets site, we wanted to make sure that pet owners are supported through every step of a pet’s life. This makes YummyPets not only fun, but also a useful and informative place to be,” commented CEO and co-founder of YummyPets, Matthieu Glayrouse.

Petworks? Revolutionary or Ridiculous?