Posted by Simon Havenhand 08 May 2013

Dynamic Grocery Shopping

Online or In-store? How do you like to shop?

It’s no secret that the future of bricks & mortar retail is highly dependent on a dynamic approach to competing with online counterparts. Many of us turn to the Internet for clothing and household goods, with more and more also doing the weekly shop online too.

With that in mind, I’m always reading of innovative ways that the major supermarkets are enticing customers online. There’s usually the promise of online exclusives and free delivery. More often than not, these websites remember what you’ve bought too and this is intended to speed the whole process up.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find in-store grocery shopping to be somewhat of a pleasant experience. I like to inspect my beef for quality, check my apples for bruises and squeeze an avocado for ripeness. In my opinion, more should be done to entice the customer back into the store.

There are free tasters, pleasant smells and plenty of dinner inspiration when one takes to the aisles. And now it seems as though the UK could take a leaf out of USA’s retail book, with price match guarantees and real time dynamic pricing in-store too!

The scheme, already in use with many major US supermarkets, sees shelving being digitalised so that store-wide pricing can be amended on a daily basis to ensure they meet/ surpass competitors. Dynamic pricing is already in use in the UK by way of Asda’s ‘Price Match Guarantee’ and Tesco’s ‘Price Promise’, however this is yet to be combined with electronic labelling to provide a true, up-to-the-minute price for customers.

British supermarket giants have their reservations:

‘Sainsbury’s claims real-time pricing would result in “chaos”, while Asda says such a strategy would be a “nightmare”’

What do you think about sophisticated in-store price matching? Are British consumers offered good value for money, or should more be done to pass savings on to the customer?

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