Posted by Hodda Khaliffa 19 Jun 2013

Blackberry is being Squashed

Blackberry are in serious danger of becoming a stain on the history of the mobile phone

Blackberry have been under a lot of pressure to perform recently with the rise in popularity of Apple and Samsung and it’s safe to say they have been found wanting. Sales have plummeted recently showing a shocking loss of $169m in the last quarter and traders have slashed Blackberry’s value by a whopping $1.2bn.

Despite the release of new handsets Z10 and Q10 and the positive projections after Thorsten Heins took the reins as CEO, revenues for blackberry fell and only scraped $3.1bn instead of the hopeful $3.4bn.

Although sales and shipments of Blackberry were up during the first quarter, numbers then plummeted from 8 million to 6.8 million causing shares to fall by 16%.