Jade Craggs 29 Mar 2016

Spry Candles

At DDCA it’s our job to get businesses off the ground and rolling in the right direction. And, from time to time we work with small businesses on smaller two to three month projects to do just that.

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Mark Grainger 19 Dec 2014

DDCA Christmas Blog

It’s amazing how quickly time flies, isn’t it? It doesn’t seem like it’s been two minutes since we were sending our best wishes for Christmas 2013 yet here we are again, polishing off our best Christmas cracker jokes and singing along to Last Christmas like nobody is watching.

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Mark Grainger 10 Dec 2014

Looking back at Elf Run 2014

It’s hard to imagine a more festive scene than those at Intu Metro Centre and Intu Eldon Square this Sunday, as over 800 of Santa’s elves descended on two of the region’s biggest shopping centres in the name of charity.

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Amy Thompson 02 Dec 2014

10 Marketing Predictions for 2015

Year-on-year the marketing game changes, meaning you have to constantly adapt and evolve to keep ahead of the competition, and without the power of a crystal ball you're unlikely to know what hurdles are up ahead until you reach them or what goal posts are going to move until they do.

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Emily Berry 27 Oct 2014


We absolutely love Land Rover's #HIBERNOT campaign, focusing on celebrating those who embrace and enjoy the winter months, instead of hibernating inside!

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Aimee Clifton 15 Oct 2014

Apple And Facebook Pay To Freeze Staff Eggs

Ever thought about asking your boss for more perks at work - pay rise, bonus scheme, travel expenses, fertility treatment? Wait… fertility treatment? Yes! Your eyes have not deceived you - this is exactly what Apple and Facebook are offering their female staff in the form of an employee perk.

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Hodda Khaliffa 15 Sep 2014

What is a SERP?

If you’re dipping into the world of SEO or even just want to know a little bit more for your own piece of mind, you will probably come across the word SERP somewhere along your travels.

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Amy Thompson 22 Aug 2014

Unraveling your CPM from your BDM

Digital marketing and technology are evolving at a rapid pace, with new metrics, mediums and ways of using them being released continuously. It makes for very busy work if you want to stay on top of them all, but add to that an abundance of 3-lettered jargons and it’s easy to lose your head.

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Aimee Clifton 31 Jul 2014

Facebook’s Video Ads

Since last year Facebook has been testing an easier way for users to watch videos- by having them auto play as the user scrolls down the page. The videos come to life in the news feed, but are muted until they are clicked on. Is this new feature a key opportunity for marketers and PR pro's?

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Hodda Khaliffa 17 Jul 2014

Go Debbie Go

All of us at DDCA want to say a huge congratulations to one of our newest members Debbie, who completed the Ponteland Triathlon last weekend.

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Andy Jones 14 Jul 2014

We're Hiring

We're a fast growing North East digital agency and are looking to recruit for the following positions: SEO Manager, PPC Manager, Account Executive (B2B focus), Account Executive (B2C focus), Social Media/Community Engagement Executive

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Chloe Watson 10 Jul 2014

World Cup Sparks Office Debate

This year's World Cup has sparked many heated debates in the office, with many of the results causing upset to the office’s syndicate. Work placement student Mitchell Sharkey offers up his top five players to watch out for.

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Chloe Watson 17 Jun 2014

World Cup Adverts

As World Cup fever hits and Brazil play host to the most anticipated sporting event this year, big brands have taken advantage by creating the most epic TV adverts we’ve ever seen.

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Chloe Watson 04 Jun 2014

Blogger Outreach

In recent years, there has been a massive influx of brands looking for innovative ways to operate. The advances in digital technology that we have experienced have introduced us to a new digital marketing and PR tactic – ‘Blogger Outreach’. This strategy now allows communication on a global level like never before.

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Chloe Watson 26 May 2014

Twitters New Update

Hoping to stay ahead amongst the vast array of up and coming social media sites, Twitter has finally updated it's profile. It does however leave us wondering whether it's a little too similar to the new Facebook layout.

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Aimee Clifton 04 Apr 2014

The Rise of Digital Marketing

There’s no denying that the digital world is becoming more and more dominant as time goes on and technology continues to evolve. People are consuming more and more digital content on an array of platforms, from tablets to smart phones, and access is available almost anywhere.

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Aimee Clifton 02 Apr 2014

Google's Technology Revolution

Google Glass is probably the most innovative creation the technology world has seen to date. However, with only a few thousand people owning the product in the US, and the UK yet to see a release date, it seems Google is forced to explore other options to keep its head above water.

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Simon Havenhand 19 Mar 2014

Newcastle Fashion Week 2014

DDCA are very proud to announce that we’ve teamed up with Mercedes-Benz to become official sponsors of Newcastle Fashion Week 2014. Taking place between the 9th and 17th May, the event – which is in its fourth year – will showcase both regional and national talent providing a fantastic stepping stone into the industry.

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Simon Havenhand 21 Feb 2014

Staying Safe Online

We think it’s worth reiterating the need to be secure online. Despite advances in Internet security, loopholes remain that make it a viable source of income for online cowboys. As a general rule: if it sounds too good to be true; it probably is! Here are some tips to protect yourself online.

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Simon Havenhand 24 Jan 2014

Happy Birthday Mac

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the game-changing Apple Macintosh, which launched in 1984 into a competitive market of systems such as Iomega, Amstrad and Commodores. Outlasting (and largely outshining) its competitors, Apple has blossomed into the global giant that we know and love today. A prototype of an original Mac recently created a buzz on eBay with bids reaching as much as $100,000 – but what is it about Mac that has got us all in a flutter?

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Ricky Graham 24 Dec 2013

Christmas Starts With The Ads

The time of year has come about again where we think about the end of the year and how it was for us all. Many of us think about our family, friends and the events that have we have been part of. Tales of what made us laugh, what made us cry and what fired us up enough to yell at our iPads while in the comfort of our homes.

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Amy Thompson 17 Dec 2013

Google Zeitgeist 2013

Today Google published it's annual roundup video to YouTube to show what the world searched for in 2013. The clip, 'Google Zeitgeist | Here's to 2013', is an inspirational roundup of what the world searched for throughout the past 12 months.

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Danielle Dunn 28 Nov 2013

What Are You Going To Do Today?

"I have always enjoyed the way that the Internet can be manipulated to cause intrigue, stir emotion or drive debate. Be it a viral campaign, an infographic or perhaps something a bit more interactive, the way that the Internet can affect us is astonishing when you think about it.

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Andy Jones 30 Oct 2013

We're Growing

We are pleased to offer an exciting opportunity to work within a cutting edge digital marketing agency in the heart of Newcastle upon Tyne. DDCA are looking for an Account Executive to help manage a number of client projects.

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Danielle Dunn 04 Oct 2013

iOS 7: Taking The Leap

As the world comes to terms with a new look and feel iPhone, we're giving our view on Apple's brand-spanking new operating system. Feelings are mixed here at DDCA - so below are the pros and cons to updating your handset, as told by some of the team.

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Hodda Khaliffa 09 Aug 2013

It’s Just Nuts!

Happy Nutella loving fan Sara Rosso decided to create her own unofficial ‘World Nutella Day’ which from 2007 has gained more than 40,000 likes. However, after discovering this, Nutella issued a cease and desist notice to poor Sara which resulted in an uproar from fellow fans and social media users. Nutella’s parent company Ferrero soon realised their error and quickly made steps to contact Rosso and retract their complaint.

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Hodda Khaliffa 30 Jul 2013

Gizmo. The future of greeting cards?

Over the last couple of years we have seen our main streets and selected businesses slowly disappear. The greeting card industry has been hit pretty hard with card shops suffering a net fall of 188 stores. Clinton Cards was one of the biggest losses. Founded in 1968, it was the UK’s biggest card retailer, operating 628 Clinton shops, 139 Birthdays stores and employing more than 8,000 staff.

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Danielle Dunn 12 Jul 2013

The Facebook Facelift

When I first heard of this latest Facebook craze, I was a bit confused to say the least! Upon learning of the term “Facebook Facelift”, I thought perhaps some entrepreneurial graduate had set up a business whereby Facebook users were paying to have their photos professionally touched up and optimised.

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Hodda Khaliffa 28 Jun 2013

Pepsi Max’s Viral Magic

In a bid to capture the ultimate publicity, Pepsi Max have resorted to magic. World class magician Dynamo was employed to engage astonished onlookers in London as he encouraged them to, “Take a moment, and look at things with a different perspective” before levitating into in the air next to a 543 double decker bus.

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Hodda Khaliffa 24 May 2013


Social Media platforms are loved the world over. They have revolutionised marketing, brought Customer service to a new level of intimacy, raised awareness to serious issues, allowed us to share our most intimate thoughts and brought people together in ways that were inconceivable just 20 years ago. However, are we taking SM to the extreme?

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Danielle Dunn 22 May 2013

Breathing Life Into Infographics

I’ve spotted a few articles online that claim days are numbered for the noble infographic. As a fan of Pinterest, I find myself lost in infographics from time to time, learning fun facts about the most obscure topics. I’ve always been keen to learn new things and I like to think that if ever I came face-to-face with Anne Robinson, I’d stand in good stead.

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Simon Havenhand 10 May 2013

Aurasma – Augmented Reality Shopping

Aurasma is the augmented reality app that is sweeping across smartphones everywhere. With the ability to recognise camera images or images of products, ‘auras’ are created which allow the user to interact with the product at hand, with 3D images also being created (Source: The Telegraph).

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Simon Havenhand 08 May 2013

Dynamic Grocery Shopping

It’s no secret that the future of bricks & mortar retail is highly dependent on a dynamic approach to competing with online counterparts. Many of us turn to the Internet for clothing and household goods, with more and more also doing the weekly shop online too.

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Simon Havenhand 17 Apr 2013

Introducing 2.5D Technology

When Apple launched it’s revolutionary iPhone way back in 2007, it introduced the world to a whole new interface of tapping, dragging and pinching. This has been hugely successful for it’s intuitiveness and has somewhat set the standard for touchscreen technology.

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Simon Havenhand 03 Apr 2013

How Social Are You?

It seems as though we could all do with giving Evolv a cyber high-five after the company unwittingly revealed statistics that reveal that employees who engage in social media are generally more productive.

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